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Suppose you think that you have tried everything on your bookmaker’s platform. You can be wrong if you have not checked the affiliate program that can bring you many benefits. In this article, you can learn how to become an affiliate and why it is worth trying. You are in the right place if you seek clarity and wish to find the best variants available for Ugandan punters.

Here’s a quick hint: one of the best options for Android smartphone users is a 1xBet affiliate partner program APK. It is the most sought-after betting application available worldwide. You can start exploring it and compare it with other possible variants where you can easily generate your passive income.

The Meaning of Affiliate Marketing in Sports Betting

The Meaning of Affiliate Marketing in Sports Betting

Affiliate marketing is a way of attracting more visitors to bookmakers’ platforms. It is one of the strategies used by a bookmaker that helps to show loyal users more benefits from using the betting platform. Basically, every registered bettor can participate in the program and receive many benefits. Punters receive a commission while attracting new users.

Affiliate marketing is the type you can see on Facebook and other social platforms. It can be a publication with an active link that will lead you to an interesting place. It can be one of the games placed on the bookmaker’s site or on a blog and other engaging sections.

Contents of Affiliate Marketing

To begin with, any affiliate marketing has components that allow it to function smoothly. Let’s name them one by one:

  • affiliate marketing managers;
  • networks;
  • affiliate partners;
  • customers.

The whole net functions perfectly when one serves ready layouts and publications, and others place it on social networks and attract more customers to visit the brand’s platform. It is an opportunity that provides benefits for active bettors and social platform users and brings profit to bookmakers.

The Main Principles of Sports Affiliate Marketing

The Main Principles of Sports Affiliate Marketing

As in any market, affiliate partner marketing programs differ from each other. Punters need to explore them to understand which one can be beneficial for a particular player. Some betting brands offer multiple scenarios and tariffs. So, how does it function?

To understand the system, we need to describe every component in detail. Therefore, you can go through every stage and observe the opportunities you need to look for when seeking which bookmaker to partner with in 2024.

Types of Programs

Different bookies can offer various partner programs. You can check your platform in the footer or directly by applying to customer support if they can provide you with a link or explain how it works here.

If you Google what Affiliate marketing is, you can find different forms and uses. First of all, you should understand that when we talk about sports betting, even if you know little about it, this industry is the fastest developing one among other businesses. Everything that is in demand is already used by eminent sports betting brands; you can be sure about that. Thus, you have tons of opportunities to make easy money using an array of top-notch tools.

So, here are the types of promotions you can use within the affiliate marketing term:

  • email
  • CEO
  • advertising
  • reviews
  • social network, etc.

The latter promotion is what you do by partnering with your bookmaker. It allows you to post publications on your website or social page and tell your followers about the latest sales, bonus deals, news and other updates that can show the good sides of the betting platform you advertise. Besides the routine bonuses and opportunities of the bookmaker, players can promote specific events and tournaments organized by the brand.

However, if you are a person who keeps a blog, you can promote bookmaker services using your writing, creating articles about it or making material about some trendy burning lifestyle habits and leaving a couple of secret links inside it. 

Ready Materials

In most cases, every affiliate receives a set of prepared materials. Its contents can vary, so every bookmaker strives to provide as many ready texts, pictures, stickers, and links as possible. Basically, when you need to advertise and promote any betting platform, in most cases, you will be prohibited by the agreement rules from making and spreading your own materials. You can only use ready layouts and scripts with a pinch of your opinion.

One of the reasons you cannot place your author post is that every brand has its own tone of voice, logos, and policies that it carefully uses to send the right message to potential customers. So, to be distinctive and recognizable among users worldwide, the brand has to prepare corresponding materials that its affiliates can publish.

Commission Percentage

Always check the minimum and maximum commission rates. It is one of those vital parameters that can influence your profit. Some bookmakers, like 1xBet, can provide the growing rate. Its size will depend on different factors, like the number of attracted users who place a bet or simply the number of attracted visitors. Every partner program is different and states particular conditions.

Other Perks

The commission you will receive as an affiliate is not all you can get. Some partner offers also offer personal managers, quick and timely payouts and other delicious privileges that can help affiliates enhance their betting.

How to Become an Affiliate

How to Become an Affiliate

Punters need to pass the registration procedure, which can include several stages. Read our guide and follow it to join any affiliate program. Read the full instructions below:

  1. Visit the bookmaker’s platform and find the link to become an affiliate.
  2. Click on it, and you will be redirected to the corresponding page.
  3. Start filling out the form, indicating your personal and contact information.
  4. Create your password.
  5. Once you finish it, submit your form and wait for the approval.

Now, you are a registered affiliate who can advertise bookmakers’ services and special offers using all the privileges and tools provided by the platform. You need to use your login and password to authorize and receive the materials.

Factors that May Influence the Efficiency of the Affiliate Program

Factors that May Influence the Efficiency of the Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing programs contain some parameters that help users understand if they are suitable for them. Experts point out several of them that are especially worth your attention. Here, you can find out more about the criteria you can use to create a list of sports betting brands whose partner programs look attractive. However, be careful because their brand success and partner program can differ and lack some elements that less famous bookmakers use.

Bookmaker’s Popularity

First of all, high awareness can play a vital role when you want to become an affiliate. Bookmakers with high awareness sometimes speak for themselves; you do not even have to put in much effort. Publish a post about generous welcome bonuses, and do not forget to leave a link. The rest will be done without your participation. It is a great business opportunity and new knowledge.

Quality of Materials

The quality of scripts, layouts and other materials also plays a vital role. The better and more up-to-date the marketing specialists and designers work, the more profit they bring. Observe if the bookmaker follows the latest trends; if ready, posts look stylish and intriguing.

Promotion Variants

A bookmaker can offer you various promotion tools so you can decide on the boosting strategy. You can check all the options by contacting the customer support team. Usually, the bookmaker can offer you to concentrate on some topics and offer your readers and viewers a bunch of coupons, enticing cashback percentages or discounts for newly joined bettors. You can decide which one of the offered deals to place in front of your crowd.

How to Choose a Bookmaker with the Best Affiliate Program

How to Choose a Bookmaker with the Best Affiliate Program

Make notes and listen carefully because here you will learn some tips on how you can choose the best bookmaker affiliate program. These recommendations are brought to you by experienced bettors with an extensive background who know how to make a profit using all the opportunities. Reach the list below:

  1. Narrow your choices. Pick famous bookmakers available in Uganda. Do not waste time on less well-known brands now, or leave them for dessert.
  2. Use customer support to find out everything about their affiliate program.
  3. Do not forget to see the commission rate. This parameter can be tricky because it can be set or depend on the number of attracted users.
  4. Check feedback from current affiliates. It can reveal some weak and strong spots of the partnership. It helps to establish whether it is worth becoming an affiliate, whether it has too many negative comments, or whether the drawbacks are significant for you.

You can check the 1xBet affiliate partner program APK  if you are too lazy to review other bookies available on Androids. This is a hundred percent match because it is promoted due to the global popularity of the brand, and you can be sure that all the materials were prepared by professionals.

Other Ways to Become a Sports Betting Affiliate in 2024

Other Ways to Become a Sports Betting Affiliate in 2024

In a world where blogging is everywhere, it can be weird not to use it in sports betting affiliate marketing. So, here is the list of the things you can do to become a bookmaker’s partner and receive your passive revenue:

  1. Write reviews. You can share your experience and provide links that can bring you several coins. There are many users in Uganda and other countries who prefer to do research and get familiar with feedback about the betting brand before they join.
  2. Make YouTube shorts and videos. If video content is what you make as a free creator, telling your viewers a word or two about surprisingly generous seasonal bonuses is a
  3. Send emails. If you make daily or weekly emails with news about your blog, you can include some information about the latest profitable events and benefits of your betting platform.

Sure, not every betting brand offers these, but the top-known platforms will absolutely provide such a choice to you. If you are a blogger with a huge number of followers, the betting company may reach out to you to describe and make a presentation of everything the collaboration can bring you. Besides, you can deepen your knowledge of affiliate marketing and find more useful sports betting partner program articles.


If you are interested in additional revenue and like to invest almost zero effort, then taking part in the bookmaker’s affiliate program is what you may like. All you need to do is register. Next, you obtain ready materials and post them as you like within the rules established by the program. It sounds really easy, and you can check it yourself. In case you do not know where to start, experts advise you to look through the most sought-after betting brands available in Uganda.

It is also an excellent chance to enhance your promotion skills by learning more about the brand’s creativity and adding your comments to it. Such cooperation can be efficient for users and casino brands regardless of the awareness of the brand itself. If you choose what suits your character and lifestyle, this will not be hard work for you but only pure joy.


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